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Fall Baseball/Softball ends 8/1
by posted 06/17/2016




Fall Baseball and Softball Registration is NOW open at  

click the "REGISTER" button and choose the program


Closes 8/1/2016

2016 Fall Baseball and Softball



Interested in Coaching?



Programs offered by the EYA are:


"A" Biddy league intramural baseball boys age 9-10

"AA" Midget league intramural baseball boys age 11-12

"AAA" Knee Hi league intramural baseball boys age 13-15

Tournament Baseball  tryouts late July U14,16,18



Pixie Girls (coach pitch) age 5-8

Pony Girls age 9-10

"A" league girls age 11-14

Travel Softball girls U10

Travel softball girls U12

Travel softball girls U14


Softball information:

Hello everyone. My name is Bill Held, and I am the EYA travel coordinator. Please take a minute to read this if your daughter plays softball and is ready for the challenge of playing at a more competitive level.....If you already know you are playing, you can jump down to your age group for info on tryouts and the upcoming season.
Why play Travel?  I have known several people who have been intimidated by the thought of travel softball. They believed they would travel too much, or too far. They were worried about it being TOO competitive or the coaches were too tough. None of these fears are true enough to keep your daughter from playing. We do travel, but most games are in the Lehigh Valley, with an occasional trip to Jim Thorpe, Bethlehem or Easton. The competitiveness is just a tic higher than Rec Ball (they tried to win in Rec, same as Travel). All of our coaches got their start in Rec Ball. Their approach to the game and the girls has not changed, they have just gotten better with experience. Honestly, the biggest difference between Travel and Rec is the pitchers are better. Usually the girls in Rec are still learning  and the girls in Travel have already learned . Good pitching keeps the players more focused in the field, and in turn leads to all around better play.  If you are on the fence , I highly recommend you give it a try in the fall. It is a very relaxed season (there is not even playoffs). Practice during the week and play a double header on Saturday. Also (and most important), if your daughter is planning on playing at the middle or high school level, it is an absolute necessity that she starts to play Travel. She will learn more and get better by facing the harder pitching. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email at or call me at 610-349-1667. No question is too small.
Tryouts for the Spring and Fall  We are having tryouts for all levels (times below) at Kiwanis in August. If you cannot make either day, get a hold of me and we will set up a different time for your daughter. The tryouts are for the fall and spring season, so if you want to be on the Spring team but have another commitment in the Fall, you should come to the tryouts. Obviously things come up and the Spring team could change, but it will be up to the coach to figure out how to adjust his/her team then.
10U (cant be 11 before Jan  The 10us had a successful year and are looking to build on it.
12U (Can't be 13 before Jan 1) 
14U (Cant be 15 Jan 1) Brian Fehnel will be the head coach. Brian will also be coaching a 16u Tournament team. Ed Hoffman returns to coach as well.  Girls will be able to tryout for both. If you too old for 14U, then you can only play for the 16U tournament team. If you are young enough, you can play for the 14u travel and 16u tournament teams.


All registration fees are listed on the "register" page.


Baseball teams play in the Parkland Youth League.   The league has a National and American league and we place boys in both leagues.   


The tournament baseball teams of U14, U16, & U18

 The Emmaus Youth Organization is organizing a  14U, 16U, 18 U 6 local  tournaments for the fall and if all goes well, we will have another team in spring.  The tournaments will be as local as possible.  We will not know the dates until we see what kind of response we receive. Remember if you don't live in Emmaus or you know somebody that is interested have them come and tryout, there are no boundaries for tournament baseball. Currently,  we are looking at $ 450 per player and that includes your $ 100.00  registration fee for the EYA and uniforms.

The only initial cost is the $100.00 registration fee for the EYA,  the tournament costs will be due once the teams are set.

The tryouts are to be announced

If you would have any questions you can reach John Zgura at


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Letter from the President
by posted 12/31/2015

January 1, 2016


Dear Parent or Guardian,


The Officers and Board of Directors have been deliberating for years, on how to handle the payments owed for registration. After many discussions and considerations, as of January 1, 2016, a new policy will be put into place.

  1. Payment of family balances, registration and fundraising fee must be paid in full by closing date of registration.

  2. Travel fees will be paid upon placement on a team.

  3. Applications for scholarships will be available to download from the web site and submitted to the President at least one week prior to closing date of registration. We will allow you to make weekly payments from the time you register until you are paid in full.

  4. Any refunds requested, prior to season start will have a fee of $15.00. We are charged by PayPal for every transaction and need to cover that and other costs.


    When the registration has closed, and your balance is not paid in full, your child’s name will be removed from the roster and placed on a waiting list. They will not be allowed to participate in practice and their uniform will not be ordered until payment is made.


    As of January 1, 2016, any financial aid requests will need to submit an application that will be available to download on the web site. No requests will be considered if the application is not submitted.


    We at EYA have always been very generous in the past, but we also have financial obligations that must be met. We find it very difficult to ask our coordinators and coaches to become bill collectors. Please understand that we have no other options than to set this new policy.


    Open registration for Spring Baseball and Softball will be held at St. John’s Lutheran Church.

    501 Chestnut Street, Emmaus on Saturday, January 16 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and Wednesday, January 20 from 6:00-8:00 pm.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at


    Thank you,

    Kathleen M. Mintzer


Emmaus Youth Association

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Larry P. Bisbing Bull Pen Dedication
by posted 07/28/2013

Bisbing family during the Community Day Dedication
On July 20th,  during Community day 2013,  the bull pens at Community Field were dedicated to Larry P. Bisbing.   

Larry was involved with EYA/Legion baseball for many years spending countless hours with the youth at Community Park.

In memory of long time coach and board member of the EYA, two new bull pens were installed in his memory.

Pictured are his family that attended the ceremony.
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Memorial Day Parade
by posted 05/27/2013

2013 Memorial Day Parade
A special Thanks to everyone that came out and marched in the parade today!

We have uploaded 3 pictures to the picture section, if you have any others, please feel free to send

Thank you
Kathy Mintzer
EYA President
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Intramural Baseball Draft Policy
by posted 01/03/2013

Emmaus Youth Association Sports Drafts Policy

Effective January 3, 2013

The Procedure for forming all recreation (not travel) teams will follow these guidelines:

For example: A-Ball ages 9-10

Team # 1 Team # 2 Team # 3

Jake age 9 John age 9 Joe age 9

Jeff 9 Jerry 9 Jeff 9

Bill 10 Bob 10 Brian 10

Matt 10 Mike 9 Will 10

Eric 9 Al 9 Fred 10


Team #2 would have first pick in the draft due to the fact that they only have one 10 year old. They will then pick another 10 year out of the pool to create a team with an equal amount of 10 year olds if there are no 10 year olds to choose from they still have first pick of a 9 year old. This pattern would continue until all names are pulled from the pool and placed on teams in an even fashion.

  1. The roster from the previous season will be the base of the team.
  2. Players will stay on the roster of the team they played on in the previous season and will stay on that teams roster for the duration of their playing years or until the team would dissolve because of lack of players.
  3. All players who enter the A program will be placed into the "pool" and placed on a team with equal age appropriate players ( as close as possible)
  4. All new registrants for the program or players that teams were dissolved will be broken down into age appropriate categories referred to as the "pool". These names will be chosen as a closed ballot and separated according to age.
  5. A count of players by age will be categorized.
  6. Players the were on the "fall" ball roster are not automatically guaranteed to play on that team in spring unless they were on that roster the previous spring then they would continue to move up with the team.
  7. Starting with the team with the lowest count of players; the coordinator and or coach will draw a name from the pool to even out the teams as close as possible.
  8. EYA will honor children of coaches to be placed on the same team.
  9. EYA will honor siblings to be placed on the same team.
  10. EYA will not honor transportation issues to be placed on the same team.(Previous participants have taken advantage of this situation
  11.  EYA will not guarantee request for specific teams or coaches. Each request will be handled on a case by case basis
  12.  EYA will not guarantee that all requests will be honored.
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CWV Scott Fichter Memorial Field
by posted 05/20/2012

CWV Scott Fichter Field Dedication
EYA would like to thank the Catholic War Veteran's Post 1067 for dedicating their ball field in memory of long time President and softball coach, Scott Fichter. May he always be remembered in a place he loved to be!
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